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HP_art_100: "After War" (Harry/Hermione, Pg13, NWS)

Title:After War
Artist: sweet_lemmon
Characters: Harry Potter & Hermione Granger.
Prompt: #17.Tear (general Table)
Media used: Pencils and Scanner
Rating: PG13 (but NWS)
Warnings: They are nude, but you cant see anything- and it isn’t exactly a sexual picture. :)
Notes: For my hp_art100's table. Reference: Old Perfurm Ad (Hugo Boss)
ETA:Since I dont like to misunderstandings(sp?): like I said I used a Pfume Ad as reference. It's the same refrence I used for THIS. Actually, 'After War' is basically a variation of it ^.^

After War

Click to see it bigger @ DA.
Tags: art: harry/hermione, character: harry potter, character: hermione granger, harry/hermione, hp, hp_art100, my art, nws, pairing: harry/hermione, rated: pg13
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