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Art: "Kiss on the Cheek" (Harry & Hermione, kinda Gen)

Artist: sweet_lemmon
Title:Kiss on the Cheek
Characters:(Young!) Harry and Hermione (Gen)
Rating: G
Media used: Color Pencils and Watercolors
Challenge: Yes Imitation Challenge (no prize)
Warnings: None
Notes/comments:This is for Imitation Challenge @ HP_Fringeart (LJ). I wasn’t planning to do anything but I really couldn’t help myself. :D I am quite busy these last days(weeks!) so I know It isn’t very good (then, I made it in less than two hours-so, what to expect? )Okay, The original art is this one: Peter Pan being kissed on the cheek by Wendy by Alice Woodward.

Click to see bigger:)
Tags: art: harry, art: hermione, character: harry potter, character: hermione granger, gen, hp, my art, rated: g
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