Gisele (sweet_lemmon) wrote in sweetie_art,

Eileen Prince, H/Hr WIP scraps, Robin Hood and some other stuff (all G)

Artist: sweet_lemmon
Characters: Eileen Prince
Rating: G
Media used: Crayon and colored pencils
Warnings: None
AN; Just a sketch on Moleskine. My very first Eileen drawing. :)

Characters: Harry/Hermione
Rating: Both G
Media used: pencils
Warnings: Unfinished bad art?
AN; two unfinished sketches .

Long lost unfinished sketch that I started ages ago. I think I used a Hugo Boss ad as reference. Hermione is so strange here…:/
This is actually a new one. Unfinished but new. I simply got stuck on Hermione’s legs. Tried *pants*, *skirts*,’bended’ (sp?)…nothing seemed to look right. *cries*

Artist: sweet_lemmon
Title:Legendary Love
Characters: Robin Hood/Maid Marian
Rating: G
Media used: Colored Pencils
Warnings: None
AN; Colored Version of my Illustration Friday’s Entry. Prompt: Legendary

Sketches and more Original Stuff


Yep, it’s a scrap. More specifically a first sketch of an Arthur Illustration I am trying to do. But even if it is a WIP I thought it somehow could fit in this week’s prompt on IF : ‘subtract’.

Tags: art: harry/hermione, arthur, gen, harry/hermione, hp, illustration, illustration friday, my art, original artwork, pairing: harry/hermione, rated: g, robin hood, scrap, sketch, wip
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