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The Day After the Valentines

Title: The Day After the Valentines
Artist: sweet_lemmon
Rating: PG13
Characters: Harry Potter/ Hermione Granger ,
Warnings (if any): Hug? Oh, and she is on her undies:)
Authors notes: Okay, this was supposed to be uploaded yesterday however I wasnt able to: it's Carnival here and although I am not a very *carnival* person I decided to celebrate the holiday on the beach and the club

And besides that since yesterday my web connection (not the connection per se but the gadget/modem) isnt working too well.

Anyways, so here it just silly rough sketch. Harry and Hermione.

Okay, I dont know if I made any sense but it's better I be quick before the $5#2! internet disconnect once again.

And yeah, I dont think yje proportion is completely right but... Oh well!

The Day After the Valentines
by *sweetlemmon on deviantART
Tags: character: harry potter, character: hermione granger, harry/hermione, my art, pairing: harry/hermione, rated: pg
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