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Here you will find my ArtWork. Adult artwork will be Members Only! Read after two weeks.

To be a member, you MUST BE over 18 years old. And I WILL decline your membership request if, in your profile page, there isn’t an age statement that you are over 18.
If you aren’t (or don’t want to say you age- you can just friend the comm, but this way you wont be able to see the NWS artworks.

And remember to see the updates on your flist you need to Friend the comm! :)

ETA: if you have no friends and/or any LJ-activity, I may have the right to reject your request to join sweetie_art.
I am sorry about that, but I do have to preserve myself and my work from *people with bad intentions*. We all know the successive Hacker attacks here on LJ.


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No character in a sexual situation is under 18 years old.


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